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The Wyndham Ashworth Archive comprises historically important collections of manuscripts (including letters, diaries, deeds and other family papers), family portraits, books and other artefacts dating from 1588.

The collections centre on the Ashworths of Lancashire, Yorkshire, Devon and Cornwall, and the Wyndhams of Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset and Sussex. The combining of the family collections is the result of a marriage over a century ago.

While some papers record land and property transactions over the centuries, others are primary sources for national events and politics, such as the correspondence, diaries and notebooks of Henry Ashworth (1794-1880), founder of the Anti-Corn Law League and friend of Richard Cobden.

The Wyndham Ashworth Archive is a company limited by guarantee and registered by the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales under charity number 1173353. The Archive's charitable purposes are to advance education for the public benefit by the presentation and maintenance of the manuscripts, letters, books, paintings and other papers and artefacts, which together form the historical archives of the Wyndham Ashworth family, for study by such scholars and other persons as the Charity considers appropriate.

The Archive intends to make the collections generally accessible as a structured arrangement of online resources to support broad educational activities. As a first step, we plan to catalogue and digitise the archives as soon as sufficient funds become available. Should you wish to make a donation to support this work please contact the Chair of Trustees at the address below.

In the meantime the archives are available to visiting researchers at the discretion of the trustees. We welcome enquiries from suitably accredited historians undertaking relevant research projects. Applications for appointments should be made in writing to:

The Archivist
The Wyndham Ashworth Archive

Applications should be accompanied by a proof of permanent address (e.g. bank statement, utility bill, or driving licence) and a formal signed letter of introduction from an academic supervisor or colleague familiar with the applicant’s research.

Please note that no archives are kept at the above address and no visitors can be received without an appointment.

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